Hi. I’m Karolina and I make Freaky Health Chocolate. Why am I putting crazy sounding herbs in chocolate? Because you need those herbs. And you already know you need chocolate. Your life is intense. No really, it is. You’re doing amazing things but you’re this close to burning out. Enter: Freaky Health Chocolate.

Adaptogenic herbs are used to modulate your body’s hormonal response to stress. In this time of chronic fatigue, adrenal burn out, and anxiety we need to do all we can to strengthen our nervous systems so we can keep on doing, moving, creating, and living full lives.

The cacao in the bars is a wild variety. It’s super special and mystical. Most of the herbs come from a company called Sun Potion, which I have been taking for a long time and fully believe in. I literally drink their Kool-Aid. I also get to do amazing collaborations with other brands, whom I adore, like my brilliant friends from CAPBeauty.

I’m truly excited to be creating these magical bars. I can write a whole list of accomplishments, in this “about” section, about where I studied and worked. All the fancy people I cooked for and how I got here. But the truth is, I’m here, now, making crazy chocolates. And I’m going to keep making more.

My hope is that Freaky Health Chocolate makes you feel good. Instantly and long term, as the herbs work their magic. And they will work their magic. And then so will you. Because that’s the thing about life. The more freaky, crazy magic you take in, the more you’ll put out.